Top gainers of the week: Maker, Kadena, Zcash, Decentraland, AMP

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The crypto market had one of its biggest crashes. LUNA, one of the best investments in the market, just plundered into non-existence. Many exchanges are cutting their losses short by removing the option to trade their share, or at least what remains of it. But even though the market has spiraled down, there have been some that managed to attain some profit. Here is the list of top gainers of the week:


This is a collateral-based crypto-currency whose value is pegged to the US dollar. This currency is built on the Ethereum blockchain that enables its users to create currency. The excellent feature of the Maker token is that it is transparent and the voters have rights over how the governing system of the company works. It is surprising that due to recent events the value of MKR took off.  It had a profit of 38.32% over the previous week, raising its value from $1209 to its current value of $1668.46.


The hybrid blockchain has also managed to brace the storm of the LUNA downfall. It has bright perspectives for the future. For long-time investors, this is a positive sign shown by the KDA token that plans on rivaling the King and the Queen of the market.  Over the past week, the currency had a gain of 19.56% in its value with, at the time of writing, its current standing of $3.26.


Over the past few weeks or so, ZEC has been able to sustain its position in the bear market, even to the point of making a profit. Currently, its value stands at $106.85 with a profit margin of 7.25% over the past week.  Z-cash makes its case to investors by expounding anonymity for any or all sort of crypto-transactions.  The primary feature of this token is employing zero-knowledge proof. It is to be mentioned that the sudden surge in anonymity-based crypto-currency is kind of suspicious considering the state of the market.  Must be one for the whales.


This is a crypto game where the players can construct NFTs inside the game. NFTs market has shown to have their graphs, sometimes independent of what is happening in the exchange. This is not true for every token. MANA though, increased its price by 5.38% over the past week with its current value at $1.23.


The  84 ranked coin on Coinmarketcap makes a profit of 8.06% with its current value at $0.01416. This is hosted on the Solana chain and its purpose is to provide its users with a platform where they can make their transactions easily when an unconfirmed transaction occurs in any digital currency.  Due to recent events, it is obvious that this would happen.

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