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Crypto Highlights & Market Sentiment

As top names in the crypto-sphere continue to warn about the cascading effects of the FTX contagion, the wider market continues its nervous push ahead.


Crypto ATH and Top Movers of the Week

The market may be awash with uncertainty about the future, but that does not necessarily entail that certain cryptocurrencies have not been winning big. Several


NFT Highlights & Opportunities

Following the FTX meltdown, a number of high-profile NFT holders have suffered catastrophic losses. The most popular of these losses go to Justin Bieber, who


Crypto Market Updates

The cryptocurrency market continues its slip into dark territory, following the crash seen a fortnight ago. The industry is still yet to see recovery after


Crypto Gainers and Losers This Week

Following the sheer bloodbath that everyone saw throughout November, winners continue to become rare gems and are unable to defy expectations. Despite these seemingly insurmountable


ICO and Airdrop Weekly Updates

Active ICOs GoatFi With the FIFA world cup at its buzz, the ICO for the football-oriented GoatFi platform is amongst the most widely followed at


Crypto Winners and Losers This Week

With the market presently in one of its most serious lows, bulls appear to be taking cover for a while, with no indication of which


ICO Weekly News and Hot Airdrops

Active ICOs Artyfact The ICO for Artyfact (ARTY) has been one that is making the rounds in the market and has already managed to raise


Crypto Market Weekly Highlights

The crypto market is still struggling to gain stable footing, after suffering its worst week of the year, owing to the FTX crash. Bitcoin, in


Crypto-Market: Weekly Overview & Sentiment

After several weeks of stability finally attained in the cryptocurrency market, the illusion of resilience has been shattered. With, BTC and ETH both experiencing a