Binance airdrops Luna 2.0 tokens

The cost of the new Terra chain’s local symbolic LUNA rose in the market on Tuesday, as the significant trading platform Binance airdropped it to


Terra (LUNA) 2.0 officially launches

After a defer on Friday, the new Terra (LUNA) blockchain began creating blocks on Saturday trying to relaunch the environment after a dynamite disappointment deleted


Upbit faces Scrutiny over Luna

South Korean crypto trades are currently in the terminating line as the Terra (LUNA) crash aftermath keeps on planting the seeds of bedlam in the


New Modification to Terra’s Proposal

The group behind the Terra (LUNA) blockchain has added three modifications to the all-around distributed “restoration plan” by prime supporter Do Kwon – expanding beginning


Luna Investor comes to De Kwon’s home

An angry Terra (LUNA) financial investor seems to have come thumping at the house of the Terra founder Do Kwon (otherwise called Kwon Do-hyeong) searching