Hottest Airdrops to Look into: Iskra, WOWmax, Chains

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Get your hands on some of the hottest airdrops currently going on:


  • Visit the Iskra giveaway page.
  • Present your subtleties and sign up.
  • Presently complete the basic undertakings to procure entries.
  • Make an Iskra wallet and present your Iskra wallet address to the giveaway page.
  • Likewise, acquire more every reference.
  • A sum of 200 members will be chosen at random chosen to win $25 worth of ISK.
  • 25 USDT will be sent to 40 of those members who refer more than one member.
  • The main three referrers will get up to 250 USDT.


  • Visit the WOWmax airdrop page.
  • Present your subtleties and sign up.
  • Presently complete straightforward assignments to procure entries.
  • Additionally, procure more entries for every reference.
  • The complete pool will be circulated in light of the number of points a client collects.


  • Talk with their Telegram bot.
  • Signup at Chains. (+ 200,000 vCHA)
  • vCHAs are points, which are collected in your record and after coming to each 200,000 vCHA are changed over into a 1% lifetime markdown.
  • Join their Telegram group.
  • Follow them on Twitter, and their pinned tweet should be retweeted.
  • Present your subtleties to the bot.
  • You will get a Deep Space NFT.
  • The main 50 referrers will get 20 USDT each.

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