Why Tyme Technologies, Inc. (TYME) stock is moving high today?

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Tyme Technologies, Inc. (TYME) stock announced the receival of notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that states the grant of additional patent claims regarding Tyme’s metabolomic technology platform. The TYME stock price saw a push of 38.89% to reach $1.50 a share as of this writing. The stock was gloomy at the previous trading session and went down by 2.70%. Let’s deep dive to explore more of it.

What’s Happening?

Tyme Technologies, Inc is the biotechnology stock focused on the development of therapeutics related to cancer metabolism in the United States of America. The U.S patent no 11,058,638 which the TYME stock has been granted is related to the delivery of therapeutics to the targeted cancer cells.

TYME stock Technology:

The technology of the Tyme Technologies works in such a manner that the tyrosine isomer racemetyrosine fuses a second therapeutic agent in order to create a fusion compound that allows the targeted delivery to cancer cells in a novel manner. This delivery method affirms the metabolic phenomenon in which the cancer cells grow by consuming a high quantity of non-essential amino acids, in which tyrosine is also included. These cancer cells get non-essential amino acids from their surrounding as they themselves cannot make enough of these i.e., amino acids.

This delivery technology requires further studies which TYME stock is planning to start this year. As it is the investigational procedure of drug delivery in the pre-clinical phase, it is not approved by the U.S for any disease indication.

TYME stock’s Chief Scientific Officer Remarks:

The Chief Scientific Officer of the TYME stock considered the delivery technology as the opportunity for Tyme Technologies for the expansion of TYME’s current cancer-metabolism-based approach with a drug delivery platform. He emphasized that this technology would help in the improvement of safety and efficacy of the wide range of anticancer drugs.


Investors are responding to the recent news related to the U.S patent which TYME stock did announce today. The stock is bullish today and the trading volume is well above the average. The delivery technology of TYME is in the early stages but it can leverage itself in the future.

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