Why is Greenwich LifeSciences, Inc. (GLSI) stock popping high in Pre-Market trading?

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Greenwich LifeSciences, Inc. (GLSI), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today reported the Robust Immune Response Phase IIb Data after which the GLSI stock price surged by 26.73% to reach $64.00 a share as of this writing. Today’s news of Greenwich has made the momentum for GLSI stock which was down at the previous trading session and closed with a 1.52% drop. Let’s try to figure out more about GLSI stock.

What’s happening?

Greenwich LifeSciences is mainly focused on the development of GP2 which is the immunotherapy to treat or prevent breast cancer in patients having a history of surgery. GLSI announced the Phase IIb clinical trial Data following the 5 years at the 2021 AACR Annual Meetingwhich supports the previously reported outcome of 0% Metastatic Breast Cancer Recurrences. The AACR published the final 5-year immune response data today and graphical posters of immune response data will be published on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

The GP2 manufacturing is expected to complete in the period between the second and third quarter of 2021 and the presentation of the updated design of the Phase III clinical trial will be in the period between the third and fourth quarter of 2021.

A deep look at Greenwich:

Research shows that one out of eight women develops breast cancer, and one out of 833 men develops breast cancer in the United States and Greenwich LifeSciences is acting as the leader in the battle against breast cancer. Before December 2020, GLSI stock share price was not higher than $6 despite so much effort by the management, but the month of December did wonders for the GLSI stock as its per-share price skyrocketed to $70 as of December 10, 2020, and then the GLSI lowered back to $36 at the end of 2020.


GLSI stock price is rising in the pre-market today in response to the reporting of data for robust immune response. GLSI stock has developed significantly for the last few months due to its continuous efforts against breast cancer. In a nutshell GLSI stock can be a good bet in the long run.

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