What is IoTeX (IOTX) coin and Why is it Mooning Like Crazy?

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IoTeX (IOTX) coin surged a whopping 194.24% in a single day. The trading volume has had a jump of an amazing 1355.13% in the last 24 hours. IOTX coin has created its ATH today and reached a price of $0.1.5 after its run from $0.02 two days back where it showed an explosive move towards the upside. The coin is currently being traded at a price of $0.089 and is in its price discovery phase.

Before the impulsive move, IOTX coin was ranging between $0.022 and $0.015 and was consolidating for a long time. The coin has built nice support in this zone. IoTeX broke out of the zone on 6th August 2021 and made a higher high as the bulls took the hold resulting in an amazing run.

New Listings and News

This leg up came after the news about the IoTeX that the IOTX coin is to be listed on CoinBase. It has been previously seen that the coins have showed an increase in the past whenever they were listed on new platforms. IoTeX has done the same, as listings are an important milestone in coin development. This results in more traffic and uses as new people can now exchange the coin on the respective platform.

IOTX coin has had an amazing journey in the past month with a 600% growth in the holders. According to the monthly update they were also listed on BitMart, Bittrex, and CoinEx.  The network has also been updated to mainnet v1.3. The company has been super busy releasing amazing new features.

The total supply is 10B coins of IOTX coin. Currently ranked at #87 on CoinMarketCap. The company was audited by CertiK and SlowMist. IoTeX scored 93 out of 100 according to CertiK.

About IOTX Coin


IoTeX (IOTX) is a company that’s working on the internet of things. Smart Devices are being used more and more ranging from our smartphones to Televisions. Estimate shows that in 2030 that there will be around 100 Billion Devices. The IoTeX connects the users with their devices in such a way that protects your privacy with data ownership. Companies have been found to use our data and sell it to further clients. IoTeX eliminates all this and directly connects the users to their devices in a seamless way. The company has its members receive many notable posts in different industries regarding blockchain and the Internet of Things.

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