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D/Bond is airdropping a sum of $500,000 worth DBit tokens and 50 NFTs to clients who complete a couple of straightforward web-based social tasks until 8 August. Qualified clients will get 35 DBits, and you can likewise acquire extra DBits with additional references.

  • Visit the D/Bond’s airdrop site.
  • Submit your details and sign up for the platform
  • Complete the simple and basic tasks.
  • Qualified clients will get 35 DBIT.
  • For following through with additional tasks, you will get extra DBit tokens.
  • A sum of 50 fortunate clients will likewise get D/NFTs.


The platform is sending tokens to the users/clients who finish work. In order to qualify for the airdrop complete, the tasks listed and warn 1 coin on the completion of 5 entries. Additionally, get 1 AQS for every reference.

  • Visit their official page.
  • Provide them with your details and sign up for the platform
  • Complete the tasks they have listed to get entries
  • Additionally, you can refer your friends and earn coins.


Armaldia is offering a sum of $5,970 worth of Land Plot NFTs to 30 fortunate members. Pursue the giveaway and complete straightforward tasks to earn entries. Additionally, acquire more entries for every reference. A sum of 30 members will be chosen at random to win $199 worth of Land Plot NFTs.

  • Visit the Armaldia giveaway page.
  • Present your subtleties and sign up.
  • Complete your basic information and sign up on the platform
  • Complete the basic tasks listed
  • 30 participants will be chosen to have a share in NFT plots.

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