Top Stocks to Watch Today as Retail Bankruptcies Dampen Outlook

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It’s a mixed day ahead for the U.S equity markets, as the full effects of the coronavirus begin to take effect. The number of permanent job losses in the restaurant market is on the rise, pointing to more pain for the U.S labor market. The number of retail bankruptcies is on the rise too. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the number of bankruptcies is rising faster than many analysts had anticipated. However, even in this environment, there are stocks that are on the rise ahead of markets. The biggest gainers in the current market are mainly in the biotech and energy sectors and are driven by product developments and strong earnings by various industry players. Some of the big players ahead of markets are as below:

Entera Bio Ltd [NASDAQ:ENTX]

This is one of the top gainers in pre-market trading and is up by 81% at the time of writing. It’s strong upside momentum after the company announced that it had recorded positive results on its market survey for oral results.  The company has stated that about 85% of clinicians that took part in the survey said they would prescribe PTH in the treatment of moderate and even severe osteoporosis. This is a big deal because PTH can be used to handle the unmet needs that include the improvement of patient comfort. For Entera Bio Ltd, this means that there is a potential to grow in the multibillion-dollar global market focused on the treatment of Osteoporosis. The exposure on market potential by this survey has excited the market and given this stock a renewed optimism.

Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc [NASDAQ:HLX]

Helix  Energy Solutions is another top gainer pre-market and is up by 24.51%. The stock’s rally following the release of strong Q2 earnings that beat analysts’ expectations. The company reported an EPS of $0.04 beating analyst expectations of an EPS loss of $0.02.  The company’s revenues also rose to $199.15 million in the quarter, beating analyst expectations by 14.67%. This points to a strengthening of the company’s position in the market.

Liquid Media Group Ltd [NASDAQ:YVR]

Liquid Media Group Ltd is another top performer pre-market and is up by 80%. This comes after the company’s announcement that it had partnered with two digital agencies with the goal of transforming its streaming platform. It will be interesting to see how news of the partnership plays out in its price action when markets open.

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