Top Gainers as Positive Market Sentiment Grows

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The markets are up this afternoon buoyed by hopes of a stimulus package and positive news from big pharma. Pfizer Inc [PFE] was surging earlier in the day on news that the company was in talks with Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, and the European Union for a possible COVID-19 vaccine distribution deal. Though later news seems to indicate that the deal has hit a snag, it has nonetheless helped push optimism in the market.

Another news driving market sentiment this afternoon is the launch of several IPOs that include that of Rackspace technology [RXT] and East Resources that has closed its IPO raising a gross of $300 million. IPOs at this time show that companies still have faith in the equity markets despite the volatility brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this environment of optimism, there are big winners in individual stocks. Some of the biggest winners this afternoon are as below:

MediciNova Inc [NASDAQ:MNOV]

MediciNova Inc is one of the top gainers in the day and is up by 87.06%. The stock has rallied after the company announced that it had entered into a COVID-19 joint venture with BioComo and Mie University Japan. The vaccine will be developed using a human parainfluenza virus type 2 vector. Under the deal, MediNova now has exclusive rights to the development rights to make use of BC-PV for a SARS-Cov-2 vaccine.

Commenting on the deal, MediNova CEO has stated that they were happy with this partnership as the world rushes to look for a COVID-`19 vaccine or cure. He added that it was interesting that they were looking at it from an intranasal formulation angle because it could help trigger local mucosal immunity.

Sogou Inc [NYSE:SOGO]

This is another top gainer this afternoon and is up 47%. The stock’s rally follows the company’s announcement that it would release its Q2 results on August 17th. The stock’s upside momentum is also buoyed by news that Tencent Holdings was looking to buy it out at $9 a share. This has seen the stock gap up and rallies towards the premium valuation that Tencent Holdings has placed on it. The news of a buyout has come at a time when the market is showing positive momentum.

Ocugen Inc [NASDAQ:OCGN]

Ocugen Inc is another top gainer in the day. The stock is up by 45% and is gaining. The rally follows news that the company had been given an Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA for RHO mutation gene-therapy treatment called OCU400. The company CEO stated that this was a major step towards a treatment for Retinal Degenerative Disease.

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