Three Best Epicenter Stocks to Watch for in the First Half of 2021

There are several companies that lie around the re-emergence point.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the hardest hits on the global economy. The epicenter stocks are the companies badly affected by the pandemic but are on the verge to bounce back following the economic stability.

As we are heading forward, things seem to get going as the pandemic has become part of our lives. Moreover, with the vaccine deployment and gradual decline in cases, there are stocks that are expecting to end 2021 with profit following heavy losses in 2019.

The current bull argument is that top epicenter stocks could be looking at the biggest recoveries once the pandemic comes to an end. So, let’s have a look at the potential investment options among the epicenter stocks.

Royal Caribbean Group (RCL)

Royal Caribbean Group (RCL) is being called one of the top epicenter stocks bucking the trend when the market goes south. The largest cruise line company world-wide and the second-largest by passengers, RCL gathers over 14% in revenue of the entire cruise line market and 19% by passengers. With the strong basis and good post-COVID-19 track, analysts believe that RCL has the big guns to pump one the pandemic ends.

The shares of RCL stock have been on the bullish side during February. Of course, the rise in shares price wasn’t based on the quarterly results, which were on the negative side. The company reported a loss of $1.4 billion in the most recent quarter.

The company is aiming for a comeback and the RCL is foreseeing good times ahead.

Komos Energy (KOS)

Another company that lies in the epicenter stocks is Komos Energy (KOS). Kosmos is a leading deepwater exploration and production company focused on meeting the world’s growing demand for energy. With the energy department getting more focus during the Biden reign is expected to help Komos have a bullish run post-pandemic.

The company has been on the downward for a while now. The CEO of Komos in the Q4 report said that with the strategic actions they took in 2020, in 2021 they would have a lower cost base which will strengthen its balance sheet.

Komos Energy (KOS) is trading just above $3 per share and there are chances that it would drop further before going for the extreme bullish run. So, investors must keep their eyes on the stock and buy at its lowest.

Ring Energy (REI)

Another energy firm, Ring Energy (REI) that focuses on oil and gas exploration. The company has been brutally impacted by the pandemic.

The company recently updated its plan for this year and how operations unfolded during the last quarter. Ring produced 9,307 net barrels of oil equivalent per day last quarter. While the company expects to drill 6-8 wells and complete 8-10 wells in 2021.

For this year, the company is working on a new strategy and has a disciplined capital program. Ring Energy’s new capital program would be funded by operational cash flow, which will help in maintaining production levels with the potential for some minimal growth. The bottom line is that REI is working to improve its balance sheet and get things right for the long-term.

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