The ongoing, upcoming and past ICOs that are expected to perform really well

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The high risk-high reward of ICOs intrigued us all, doesn’t it? We have compiled a list of ongoing, upcoming and past ICOs that are expected to perform really well if you are looking into investing in ICOs.

Ongoing ICOs

With just two days for the ICO to end, it has bagged a ranking of 4.50/5. MindSync is a decentralized artificial intelligence platform where anyone can take part. The platform will offer AI, ML or DS solutions to real-world problems that are developed by the community either for free or paid. The token will be used to reward developers on the platform.

Another top-ranking ICO, Obortech, will be completed by 15th April. The project has a goal of $240,000, 6% of which has been achieved as of yet. Obortech aims to provide a digital ecosystem for all agents in the supply chain network to increase the ease of participation and collaboration.

PointPay.iois the world’s first cryptocurrency bank. The PointPay Wallet and PointPay crypto exchange are being tested on the mainnet while the crypto bank is in its conceptualization bank. The block chain banking is the future of the world, according to PointPay and PointPay is leading the race. The ICO is set to end by the end of June and the crypto bank is expected to roll out by the end of the year.

The ARNO ICO has a ranking of 4.20 while the ICO is set to end by October. The program is focused on providing solutions based on Nano technology to the various industries of the world.

Counos Coin’s ICO will end by July 2025. The aim is to provide the safest and fastest cryptocurrencies. The network is also focused on increasing the interaction between buyers and sellers on the platform in order to increase collaboration.

Upcoming ICOs to watch out for

Libra wants to harness the power of technology in order to enable users to send and receive money cheaply and easily. For this, the project aims to build a global currency and financial infrastructure which will allow the flow of money to any corner of the world without any problems. Libra ICO has a rating of 4.63 and has the potential to become a successful ICO.

Flow plans to roll out a next-generation block chain for games, apps and assets. The block chain is designed to be user friendly and highly scalable. The aim of the project is to empower developers on the block chain. Initiated by Dapper Labs, based in Canada, the ICO has a positive rating of 4.58.

Jurais similar to Flow in terms of its vision. With the rise in use of block chain technology, many unseen problems have plagued its development. Jura aims to build next-generation blockchain technologies. Introduced by Jura Network, the technology is novel and users have high expectations from it.

Quant has the aim to facilitate the integration of block chains and networks on a global scale. The project is the first operating system of the block chain. Built as a distributing ledger technology, the project is set to solve the interoperability problems faced by networks.

Another upcoming ICO to watch out for is REMCO.It is the world’s first token generation platform for remittances. The network has had a successful private sale and the ICO is set to launch soon.

Ended ICOs

Some of the successful ICOs that has happened in the past are:

  • Telegram Open Network: a new cryptocurrency based on multi-block chain and proof of stake mechanism.
  • Spiking: An AI-driven encryption trading platform
  • Inlock: A cryptocurrency lending platform
  • Lapo Blockchain: A next generation cryptocurrency with a focus on speed and stability
  • Ingot coin: A blockchain ecosystem that links digital currency with existing financial markets through smart contracts

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