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NFT Developments of the Week

The NFT market experienced a substantial decline this week, with total sales falling almost 11% compared to the prior week. Some of the largest NFTs


NFT Market Developments

The once wildly hyped, NFT-renting platform, Rentable has shut down all operations after its founder stated that it had failed to get any traction from


NFT News and Updates This Week

With all the scare on cybercrime, a recent NFT-related development has increased market fear. A group of hackers has emerged with the claim that they


NFT Highlights Of The Week

The cryptocurrency analysis firm, Elliptic recently published a report claiming that the total money lost to NFT theft in the last 12 months exceeds $100


NFT News and Updates for the Week

The legendary, Oscar-winning icon of theater, Sir Anthony Hopkins has announced a partnership with the digital media company, Orange Comet. As a result of the

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Jim Carrey enters the NFT Market

While numerous Broadway stars are adding CryptoPunks and Bored Apes to their NFT assortments, and Goblins are presently the most smoking thing on the lookout,


Gamestop looks forward to NFT marketplace

Following the blended monetary outcomes for the primary quarter of the financial year 2022, the computer game retailer GameStop said that it is doing whatever


The most Expensive NFTs till date

Blockchain changed the advanced space and made it workable for nearly anything to be tokenized and made into an NFT. Crypto craftsmanship assortments, for instance,