Stocks to Watch for Quick Gains This Week

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The markets are doing well today, but there are stocks that are doing extraordinarily better than the rest of the market. By following market momentum, one can make good money with these stocks today. Some of the stocks that are gaining incredible momentum this afternoon are as below:

Oxbridge Re Holdings Ltd [NASDAQ: OXBR]

This is one of the stocks that have benefited immensely from the increased bullish sentiment in the equity markets.  The stock has seen a massive increase in buying sentiment, and short volumes are on a decline. If this trend continues, OXBR could test $6 today, or within the week.

It is one of the stock’s that offers investors an opportunity for huge gains this week. So far, it’s up by over 200%, and anyone who got in earlier in the day is in big gains. Since there is no news, the move is purely speculative, and investors need to keep an eye on short action. As long as short volumes remain low, upside momentum is likely to remain dominant.

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc [NYSE: SPCE]

This is another big mover this afternoon and looks set for more gains all through the day and possibly through the week. While there is no specific news about it, this stock, is riding on sentiment by Bank of America analysts that it could double in value. The analysts are counting on the fact that it has a unique market, and that it is well prepared to tackle the needs of this market.

The analysts have argued that while the business has not yet commenced operations, its potential growth in the space market is limitless. This validation has seen investor interest in this stock grow. As excitement around this stock grows, shorts could decline and see its value rally to new highs within the week. It’s an interesting stock to watch for investors chasing massive gains in a short time.


Uber is another interesting stock to watch today, and all through the week. While the stock has not yet pumped, there is potential that it could start recording massive gains. This follows news that the company had been given the green light to continue operating in London.

London is one of the largest markets for cab-hailing services and being denied the license was a huge blow to the company. As this news filters into the market, the stock is likely to record major gains short-term.



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