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The markets are set for a strong day after showings bullish trading activity in the early morning session.  This follows data showing that despite the challenges facing the economy at the moment, consumer spending is on the rise Consumer data for the month shows that spending is likely to fall by 5.8% compare to 2019, but it was much better than August 2020, when it dropped by 10%.

This has created lots of excitement as it points to resilience in the economy. With a bailout plan from the government yet to materialize, growth in consumer spending points to an economy that is growing and would take off once the pandemic cloud clears.

According to an economist from Morgan Stanley, savings build-up due to the CARES Act would give consumers a cushion going into Q4 and all the way into 2021.  She further noted that the spending of households has been largely stable driven by a return of jobs at a faster rate than the markets were expecting.

She further added that Morgan Stanley expects that the amount consumers choose to take from saving and spend will be dependent on hopes of fiscal support from the government. As optimism rises, there are stocks that are outperforming the market this morning and are well-positioned to keep growing all through the day. Some of the big performers this morning are:

Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc [NASDAQ: MRNS]

Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc is top performer this morning and is up by over 290%. This comes after the company effected a one for every four stocks held reverse split. The reverse split takes effect today after it was approved by the company’s shareholders back in March. The split will cut on the company’s outstanding shares to 30.6 million from the previous 122.3 million.

SPI Energy Co. Ltd [NASDAQ: SPI]

SPI Energy Co Ltd is another top performer this morning and is up by over 200% This follows the company’s announcement that it had launched a subsidiary that will focus on electric vehicles. CEO Xiaofeng Peng stated that the move was a major milestone for the company, and would add to the company’s diverse range of businesses in the renewables market.

MediciNova Inc [NASDAQ: MNOV]

MediciNova Inc is another top performer pre-market and is up by over 20%. This follows the company’s announcement that its COVID-19 vaccine was a success in generating antibodies that neutralized SARS-CVOV-2 in mice.  This is a big deal as the world is in a race for a vaccine.


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