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On February 17, 2022, the blog monetization platform Smart Donation Coin listed its $SDC token on Along with PancakeSwap, P2PB2B, and Dextools, this will be the fourth exchange where people can buy a token. $SDC is used as the main payment instrument for donations to bloggers and earnings on content monetization. The Smart Donation Coin team claims that as the platform grows, the widespread use of the token will provide a high level of liquidity and make $SDC an attractive asset among investors.

In addition, although the $SDC price increase is very important, the Smart Donation Coin team primarily focuses on the practical attractiveness of the platform. SDC solves the actual problems of blogosphere users, and this article describes how to use the platform.

Smart Donation Coin is a SocialFi that gives bloggers and their audience the opportunity to monetize their online activity. The project will be managed by an independent DAO, which unites a community of creators, subscribers, and crypto enthusiasts. This community will be able to communicate, follow the content of their favorite creators, and monetize their own blog within one platform.

Combining the traditional model of donation platform, the decentralized architecture of the BEP-20 blockchain, and staking, the developers of Smart Donation Coin managed to create a unique product, devoid of the disadvantages of centralized equivalents, but with its own unique advantages.

Monetize a blog in cryptocurrency

A blogger can register on the Smart Donation Coin website and start monetizing his or her content by performing advertising tasks on the advertising exchange. Any blogger with an audience of 1,000 subscribers or more can monetize content. SDC supports the most popular social networks that allow users to integrate advertising: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Tiktok. The rest of the social networks will be integrated in the future, depending on the wishes of the community.

Receive and send donations

SDC is equivalent to centralized donation services, but with a better level of security and anonymity. In addition, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies via Smart Donation Coin is easier and faster than manually. At the same time, if the user wants to get up to a 15% discount on the commission, he can send a donation immediately in the SDC token!

Since the system is fully anonymous, those who do not publish ads and do not want their sources of funding to be compromised can use the service. This includes public figures, political bloggers, charitable foundations, and eco-activists.

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