Simple Things to Get into the Market

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DAO Labs

For detailed information, see the DAO Labs airdrop page.

Join their Telegram channel and group to communicate with them.

You may follow them on Twitter.

Give your details on the airdrop form.

If you put in enough effort, you could earn up to 150 BUS


Go to the Home Page.

By providing your details, you can register.

Examine your email.

100 ASK will be handed to you.

Complete your daily tasks to earn more ASK.

You can receive up to 100 ASK for each referral.

Become an Ambassador to receive 300 ASK for every recommendation you make.

Until you finish your KYC verification, the rewards will be kept in your “Pending balance” before being sent to your wallet.

Basic Attention Token

Download the Brave browser on your desktop.

Start the browser and click on the BAT logo near the address bar and subsequently click Join Rewards.

To reach the reward screen type “brave://rewards/” in the address power and Brave Ads on.

By viewing the ads, you’ll automatically be given rewards

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