Robinhood Penny Stock List to Buy Right Now

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Penny stocks are a key sight for investors these days as inflation is running high. When we talk about penny stocks, it’s more about how easily investors can get into the market and gain returns. Robinhood has helped give easy access to new retail traders. That’s especially true when you see all of the penny stocks breaking out, thanks to retail momentum. Therefore, one must have a look at Robinhood Penny Stock List.

Robinhood is not really the go-to platform for trading penny stocks, in specific. But the broker has attracted more traders and investors into the markets due to its easy-to-use interface. In this article, we’ll address those who trade on Robinhood and are looking for the Robinhood penny stock list.

Genius Brands International

The first Robinhood penny stock is GNUS. Genius Brands International (GNUS) is a global content and brand management company. The company creates and licenses multimedia content for toddlers to tweens. In 2021, GNUS stock has soared over 35%. If we look at the trend of GNUS, it has created buying opportunities on various points. Those who are patient would have gained plenty from GNUS stock.

Genius Brands recently agreed to acquire WOW! Unlimited Media for roughly $53 million in cash and stock. The Canadian animation company has a strong presence on popular social media sites such as YouTube and TikTok. Genius Brands believes that this will help it better appeal to teens and young adults.

The deal is also expected to bolster Genius Brands’ profitability. WOW! generated $56.4 million in revenue and $5.1 million in EBITDA over the past year. That would be a notable increase for Genius Brands, which produced less than $5 million in revenue and negative EBITDA during that time.

Moreover, Genius Brands is expanding its Kartoon channel. GNUS has launched a new Spanish language content service for children KC! En Español. This will be available on its streaming platform, Kartoon Channel.

Genius Brands has increased its revenues to nearly $5 million in the trailing 12 months compared to $2.48 million in 2020. Whereas, the cash and equivalents reached almost $100 million by year-end 2020. That’s a whopping jump from $0.31 million cash and equivalents the company had in 2019.

GNUS is a decent Robinhood penny stock that can be a good hold in both the short-term and long-term.


Another biotech penny stock hovering below that $1 threshold is Biolase (BIOL). Biolase is involved in laser equipment for dental practitioners and their patients around the world. BIOL stock is hovering around its 50-day moving average but maintaining to hold levels above this significant technical level so far.

Despite trading just over half a cent, BIOL stock is up 40% year-to-date. Biolase’s oral laser devices have earned the company its recent attention. That’s due to continued reopening efforts and novel advancements in dental technology.

Biolase recently inked a deal with a leading endodontist, Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, for a clinical advisory partnership. This will help Biolase in expanding laser adoption and increasing training programs with industry leaders like Dr. Buchanan.

Epic Hygiene Academy

Biotech has also launched the Epic Hygiene Academy. Biolase has gathered leaders in the dental hygiene profession to educate on superior patient care through laser technology. That’s another way how Biolase values its consumers.

BIOL stock is a solid Robinhood penny stock among other stocks on Robinhood. In the trailing 12-month period, the company has recorded $32.31 million in revenues. That’s more than a total of $22.78 million Biolase reported in 2020. The working capital has improved to $2.48 compared to $1.75 million in 2020. That would help the company in short-term projects.

BIOL looks promising penny stock with all the fundamentals in the right place.

Eros STX Global Corporation

Eros STX Global Corporation (ESGC) is an Indian-American multinational media company. It produces, markets, and distributes content to audiences around the world across traditional and digital media platforms. ESGC stock has steadily recovered from 52-week lows since mid-August. But, it’s still way ahead of reaching its 52-week highs.

One of the recent drivers of ESGC stock was the company’s latest deal with Amazon Prime Video. It was closed as a multi-year deal in South Africa. That has expanded an existing strategic pan-European partnership struck in the UK, France, Italy, and Scandinavia. Prime Video subscribers in the territory now have access to view STXInternational’s catalog of titles.

STXfilms, a division of Eros, recently signed a first-look film deal with CrossCheck Studios. STX will have a first look at all original CrossCheck film development. The plan is to produce a comedy film on a Halloween theme. Reportedly, the film will be named Halloween Party. However, this was just to mention what has happened recently. This deal will surely give gains to STXfilms in the coming years. That will have a positive impact on ESGC stock.

In 2021, ESGC stock has soared over 55%. However, during the current quarter, it has gained over 30%. ESGC stock has an average price target of $3.50 and we can see ESCG reach that in the near long term.

Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp.

The next best Robinhood penny stock is SOLO. Electrameccanica Vehicles (SOLO) is a Canadian EV maker and looks promising with the development in the electric vehicle market. The SOLO stock has been decent in 2021 and has soared over 10%.

EV stocks have been hot lately. Recently passed infrastructure bill and an increasingly promising growth outlook for the overall industry has affected the market. SOLO being an EV-based penny stock looks solid as it attracts both penny stock investors and EV stock investors.

Electrameccanica is still in the early stages of expanding manufacturing capacity and a retail footprint for its SOLO vehicle — a three-wheeled EV. The company is currently building a manufacturing and engineering facility in Mesa, Arizona. With the development of the Mesa facility, Electrameccanica will eventually be capable of producing 20,000 of its SOLO vehicles per year.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the $1 trillion infrastructure spending bill late on Nov. 5, sending the bill to be signed into law by President Biden. The law includes roughly $7.5 billion in funding for the construction of EV charging stations and other related projects.

SOLO stock could trade higher on hype in the coming months. Moreover, being a penny stock, more investors would get attracted to SOLO. The stock has an average price target of $8.95. It is far from its current trading price but we can see the sentiment is there.

Exela Technologies Inc.

Exela Technologies (XELA) is a leader in global business process automation. XELA stock has gained over 35% during the course of the last 12 months.

It recently partnered with CareSource and will deploy its cloud-based PCH Global platform to help accelerate CareSource’s digital transformation journey. This expansion shows Exela’s ability to rapidly implement PCH Global for claims and correspondence submitted by providers.

XELA continues to invest in expanding PCH Global’s capabilities to provide a cloud-hosted solution with one of the best edit resolutions for healthcare claims.

Apart from that, Exela also announced its new Digital Mailroom solution. The Digital Mailroom solution will fully enable remote employees working at home and in field offices to access data securely and quickly. This shows that Exela is working on expansion and growth.

In the third quarter of 2021, Exela reported lower than expected quarterly outcomes. The Q3 revenues dropped from $305.3 million to $279.2 million in Q3 2020. That was primarily due to low volume returns in the ITPS segment affected by COVID-19. The company believes it is well-positioned to see volumes return in the ITPS segment once COVID-19 impacts subside.

Exela is working on expansion and expects to achieve top results in the coming years. The main target is to make improvements in margins and cash flow in 2022. XELA now targets to achieve $50 million in cash flow improvements by next year.

All-in-all, XELA looks like a decent Robinhood penny stock heading forward.

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