Ripple (XRP) crossing major resistance: Is a delayed bull run to begin?

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Amidst growing tensions between the SEC and Ripple Labs, Ripple (XRP) is surging. The Ripple cryptocurrency crossed the dreaded $0.50 resistance level and is as of this writing trading at $0.5120. Earlier in November last year, Ripple coin fell from a high of $0.70 to $0.20 as the SEC announced a lawsuit against the firm. Subsequently, the cryptocurrency was delisted from many major exchanges on the allegations that XRP has been trading as a security rather than a cryptocurrency. Ripple (XRP) tried to move back up but with growing tensions it was unsuccessful in doing so. However, as the proceedings of the lawsuit started the strong defense of Ripple labs became clear and bullish momentum picked up once again.

Major developments

1.What’s happening on Twitter

The Twitter community has not been inactive for the past few days. With the court hearing of the Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Ripple Labs, XRP holders believe Ripple Labs has a much stronger case than the SEC.

Twitter community has started a campaign of asking major exchange likes Coinbase and Binance to relist the cryptocurrency. The hastag started trending on Twitter. In the end, exchanges might have to succumb to the high demand and bring back Ripple cryptocurrency. The Twitter community is extremely bullish on the cryptocurrency and XRP holders believe it is only a matter of time before Ripple XRP explodes.

2. SEC lawyer gives the green light to exchanges

During the recent court hearing in the SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit, Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn pointed out that all those involved in the trading of Ripple (XRP) are involved in the illegal sale of securities. To which, the SEC lawyer replied that only Ripple and affiliates are involved in the illegal sale of XRP. This remark has been one of the reasons behind the Twitter campaign of asking exchanges to re-list the cryptocurrency. Given the green light by none other than the SEC’s own lawyer, this major development can lead to exchanges relisting the cryptocurrency.

3. The future of CBDCs

The SEC lawsuit has not been hindering the activity of Ripple Labs. The firm published a white paper on the future of central bank digital currencies and proposed Ripple (XRP) as a viable bridge between CBDCs. CBDCs can contribute towards innovation and financial inclusion – a long aim of the Ripple Labs. Using XRP as a bridge will prove to be highly efficient and cost effective.

Having crossed the Fibonacci pivot point of $0.5034, the next Fibonacci resistance level lies at $0.6620. The market for Ripple (XRP) is under the hold of the bulls, with the technical indicators giving out a signal of buy. As the lawsuit unfolds, major shifts can be observed in the cryptocurrency’s market.

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