Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI) stock rises on Wednesday‘s Aftermarket: Why is it so?

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Shares of the Predictive Oncology Inc. (POAI) stock continued the rising momentum in yesterday’s aftermarket trading session after taking a  gain of 14.27% at the previous closing. POAI stock price saw a push of 5.5% to reach $1.15 a share in the late hours of yesterday on April 21, 2021. The CEO of Predictive Oncology, Mel Engle has been featured in the latest episode of the Bell2Bell podcast. Let’s try to figure out how this podcast justifies the bullish sentiment.

Bell2Bell Podcast:

Investor Brand Network, a company that connects the public companies to the investment community, recently announced the latest episode of Bell2Bell podcast in which it featured newly appointed CEO of POAI stock Mel Engle along with CFO Bob Myers and Mark Collins, Chief Technical Officer of the POAI’s Helomics subsidiary. Mel Engle talked about his background and past experiences.

Mel Engle had been serving as the board member of POAI stock for the past four years and had been the Chairman of the board for the past one and half years. Before this experience, Mel had served as a CEO for many companies, and Day Laboratories is one of them which was the subsidiary of Merck. Mel confidently said in the podcast that he has enough experience in the research and development field and much exposure to Predictive Oncology’s current operations.

Discussion about POAI’s current financial standing:

The CFO Bob Myers discussed the current financial condition of the POAI stock and said that Predictive Oncology is in a great position in terms of its cash capability as well as strengthening its balance sheet. POAI stock has no liabilities and undergoing many operations in terms of the income which POAI stock would get in this year. Predictive Oncology is in a strong position to run its current projects.

Helomics Developments

Mark Collins updated about Helomics and said about its assets as a fee-for-service platform for various pharmaceutical companies in order to test their drugs against the cancer cell lines of Helomics. Collins further told the details about the development of the internal drug repositioning project which was started earlier this year.


POAI stock is hot among investors as far as market sentiment is concerned after the announcement of the Bell2Bell podcast in which the CEO of POAI stock is featured. Remarks of the CEO and other officials of the Predictive Oncology show that the POAI stock growing day by day and is in a good position in terms of future revenue. Hence it can be a good bet for investors in the long run.

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