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Active ICOs


Another one of the fitness-based protocol. The token sale is to end five days from the writing of the article. At the time of writing, about $120k has been collected. There are a total of 45 million shape tokens, out of which 1 million are available for ICO sale.


This ambitious protocol is aiming to create a virtual reality metaverse that can overcome the limitations of reality. The ticker for the coin is CLOUD and it is based on the BEP-2- chain. Out of its total of 1 billion tokens, 15% of it is for sale. The sale is expected to end in seven days.


Arrakis is a protocol that is aiming in concentrated liquidity management. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The sale of the token is about to last till the 8th of September. The goal for the token has not been set yet.

Upcoming ICOs


This is a metaverse gaming platform that is expected to be played on Web 3.0. The ticker for Bovin verse is BVT and each BVT is expected to be around $0.035. The fundraising goal of the protocol is expected to be $175,000.


This is a web3-based marketplace that is enabling end-to-end automated influencing campaigns using AI. Built on the BEP-20 chain, it has a fundraising goal of selling 43 million tokens is about $0.021 per token. The sale is expected to start on the 19th of August.

Tank Metaverse

The TNK is a metaverse game where players are expected to play for money. 1.5 million tokens are for sale which makes the total 40% of the 1.5 billion TNK tokens.

Ended ICOs

Aura Network

NFTs are the future and the AURA network is a scalable layer-1 blockchain that wants to make the world adopt NFTs in their everyday lives. The token sale was from 9th June to 27th July. Its goal was to raise $750,000 which it successfully did.

Monopoly Millionaire Game

The token sale for this coin lasted from 22nd July to 29th July. Built on the BEP-20 chain, the ticker for the coin is MMC. The fundraising goal was $300,000 and it was able to overachieve a fund of $1.3 million.

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