Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME) employed Shahriar Rafimayeri as new CIO

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Significant email protection and cyber resilience firm, Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), announced the appointment of Shahriar Rafimayeri as chief information officer (CIO). Shahriar will manage all facets of the global IT organisation of the firm, including infrastructure and internal application technologies, in this role. He will intensify the digital development activities of Mimecast, with an emphasis on further improving consumer and partner engagement for enterprises of all sizes.

Shahriar has significant expertise in the management of massive, multinational and diverse technology organisations where sophisticated technology systems have been transformed and modernised to significantly enhance the reliability, durability, and cybersecurity of software and networks. He was CIO and Senior Vice President of Business Growth for Infor before joining Mimecast, where he conducted the company’s full digital transition and cloud migration. In the technology arms of prominent financial companies, including Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, Credit Suisse, UBS, and Bankers Trust, Shahriar has also held several senior leadership roles.

“Every business is going through a phase of massive digital change. This needs new ways of thinking about how a CIO should collaborate with diverse stakeholders around the organisation to innovate with clients, investors, staff, and the neighbourhoods in which we operate, for fresh job patterns,” said Shahriar. “With Mimecast, I am honoured to be part of this journey and look forward to doing my part to make the world a safer and more resilient place.”

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