MicroVision (MVIS) Stock Price Surged 24.7% In March. Here Is What Happened

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MicroVision (MVIS) stock climbed 24.7% in March as MVIS avoided the fluctuating and unforeseeable nature of stocks in the laser scanning technology area, used for a variety of purposes. This produced huge capital gains due to an emphasis on corporate management and a huge future potential in the scanning methodology the company pioneered.

MVISreleased its 4th quarter result, stating that a staggering $395,000 in the capital was produced due to licensing revenue however a net loss of $3.6 million took place in the same time frame, which the company intends to improve through strategic alliances.

Furthermore, rumors that MVIS long-range light-detection-and-ranging (lidar) technologies could be commercialized for general public use by as early as this year soared MVIS stock immensely.

MicroVision stock price was also increased at the end of the month following news that a $22B Agreement took place among Microsoft and providing augmented reality Headsets for the US Military.

So what

MicroVisionaims to show a prototype of its long-range lidar technology, and MVIS expects to sell a few units by the end of this year. The company is predicted to provide parts to Microsoft for its HoloLens 2 components, and a strategic relationship between Microsoft and the US military showed a sudden surge in Investor interest with a potential of huge financial surplus.

MVIS stock had a whopping 109% increase compared to the company’s share price in February, however, Microvision Stock price decreased 16.7% in the first trading day of April, being hit with a significant sell off.


MVIS offered a better-than-expected outlook for the current quarter and anticipates sales and profits to grow for the full year after gaining a gigantic financial surplus due to providing components to Microsoft for their headsets after Microsoft struck a deal with the US military worth $22B.

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