Mastercard survey reveals growing appetite for digital payments

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A survey conducted by Mastercard revealed that four in ten people are open to using cryptocurrency payments in the next year. The credit card giant surveyed around 15,500 people from 18 different countries in the survey titled “Consumer Appetite for Digital Payments Takes Off”. The 40% people that intend to use cryptocurrencies spanned across all age groups.

The poll further revealed that millennials – people aged between 18 and 39 – are more interested in cryptocurrencies. 67% of the millennials in the poll agreed that they are more open to cryptocurrency use than last year while a whopping 77% of the respondents were keen on learning about cryptocurrencies. Moreover, 75% agreed that they would incorporate digital assets into their lives if they understood them better.

The consumer appetite for digital payments is really taking off. The new year saw a bull run that matched the highs of 2018. A major difference in the current bull run and that of 2018 was the acceptance that cryptocurrencies received. Where in 2018, the majority was skeptical of cryptocurrencies with little or no news cryptocurrency adoption, the situation is completely different this year. A lot of people have accepted cryptocurrencies as the future. The relevance of the blockchain technology has been accepted by everyone – from small-scale investors to corporate behemoths.

The credit card giant has been vocal about its support for cryptocurrencies. In February, Mastercard had announced that it will incorporate digital payments for its one billion users at more than 30 million merchants. Mastercard has also launched an accelerator program for fintech startups which also included many crypto and blockchain-based firms. The credit card giant has also been vocal about the need for allowing all payment methods as the world moves towards digitization.

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