Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (MARA) plunged in the pre-market; Here’s why

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In the premarket, Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (MARA) stock plunged by -4.87% to the price of $33.82 at the time of writing. MARA stock closed Monday’s session at $35.55 which is a -8.68% loss. The MARA stock volume traded is 28.4 million shares, while the average volume for the past 3 months is 26.50 million. In the last 12 months, MARA shares soared by 8262.74% and in the past week, the shares dropped by -29.00%.

Marathon Digital Holdings’ digital mining background

Marathon Digital Holdings is a business service company that is specifically focusing on the operations of digital asset technology. MARA stock mines cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2010 and has a headquarter in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marathon Digital Holdings was previously known as Marathon Patent Group Inc. but this name was changed to the current in February 2021 following the company’s digital asset operation’s initiation.

Boom in the stock performance due to cryptocurrency

Marathon Digital Holdings inc. has been seeing a boom in its stock performance in the month of March and the volatility has continued in the current month of April. The boom in stock performance has been resonated with the soaring of the cryptocurrencies’ prices in the month of March. The hike of MARA stock’s shares price climbed up to 59.3% gain in March. On 5th April, the price of the stock closed the highest $56.56 in the month, however, it has dropped down to $35.55 in yesterday’s closing.

The stock performance is not entirely mimicking the volatility of the cryptocurrency, Marathon Digital Holdings Inc is making expansive operation moves; on the end of March, the company announced that it is launching the North America based first Bitcoin mining pool. This mining pool will be compliant to all U.S regulations. It will add new miners to the digital workforce in June 2021.

Mining capacity expansion of Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.

On 5th April, MARA stock updated its Bitcoin production and mining operation report for the first quarter of 2021. The update was overall positive with a doubling of the mining capacity since the start of the first quarter – This news led to the highest climb of $56.56 per share previously talked about. Here are the highlights of the first quarter mining operation update:

  • At the end of March, the Bitcoin holdings of MARA stock in total were 5,134.2 BTC worth $308 million.
  • Previously (Q4 2020) the company had 2600 Bitcoin mining systems, the company had 12900 mining systems by the first quarter of 2021.
  • MARA will expectingly install another 10300 mining systems by the first quarter of 2022.
  • Company mined 102.3 BTC in march and 196 BTC in total for the first quarter 21.

The investment in the expansion of mining operations and the total Bitcoin holdings of Mara Digital Holdings Inc do suggest that it will gather substantial revenue and profits in the long term. However, the substantial profits and revenue due to the accelerated mining capacity is hinges on the growth of the cryptocurrency value.

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