Leap Therapeutics Inc. (LPTX) stock surges high during pre-market trading. Let’s find out why:

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Leap Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTX) stock gained by 3.36% in the last trading close whereas the LPTX stock is surging by 34.96% during the pre-market trading session after Leap Therapeutics has presented the clinical data of DKN-01 on March 22, at the society of Gynecologic oncology 2021 Annual meeting on the issue of  Women’s cancer. Leap Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of targeted and immuno-oncology therapies.

What is happening?

At the society of Gynecologic Oncology, Leap therapeutics presented the Phase 2 clinical trial of DKN-01 as a monotherapy in addition with paclitaxel in patients with more complex gynecological malignancies. DKN-01, is the most advanced clinical candidate of LPTX which is a humanized monoclonal antibody that specifically targets the Dickkopf-1 (DKK1) protein that causes the activation of innate immune system in the tumor microenvironment. DKN-01 is currently being tested in patients with esophagogastric, hepatobiliary, gynecologic, and prostate cancers.

Rebecca Arend, MSPH, the associate professor in University of Alabama at Birmingham O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center said that DKN-01 has shown promising response and also a monotherapy complete response for more than 2 years now as well as long-lasting reduction of tumor as both, a single agent and combined with paclitaxel in the study’s chronic gynecologic cancer patients. She also added that in the patients with high level of DKK1, the disease control rate and chances of survival were the highest which shows the efficiency of DKN-01 because the same group of people showed extremely unsatisfactory results towards other therapies. Upon trials it has been concluded that DKN-01 is extremely well tolerated among patients.


This positive development in Leap Therapeutics will expectedly help them to show successful results in 2021. This is definitely a great advancement in the field of pharmaceuticals that will act as a catalyst for LPTX stock price. With this growing pace, Investors will be comfortable in making long-term investments.

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