How Does The Viaderma (VDRM) Stock Price Increase By 48%?

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In trading on Friday, the stock of ViaDerma, Inc (OTCPink: VDRM) gained 48.06 percent to $0.0305 and has been trading between $0.0200 and $0.0320. With a volume average of over 16.71M shares, ViaDerma stock rose over 106.08% in the last month.

When looking at its performance over the past three months, VDRM stock gained over 38.64% while its average volume amounted to 29.72M. On Friday, VDRM’s stock rose after it was announced a large hospital network was set to place the first order.

What was the order for?

As a publicly-traded specialty pharmaceutical company, ViaDerma is dedicated to improving the lives of patients. VDRM’s commitment to bringing new products to market and licensing its innovative technology to drug manufacturers across a wide array of therapeutic areas is formidable.

An initial order for Vitastem, a wound care product from ViaDerma, has been near finalization with a major healthcare network, announced the company on Friday.

  • Late last year, VDRM completed successful testing of the product, allowing it for sale.
  • Moreover, ViaDerma confirmed that its first-quarter financial reports are being completed at that moment and are scheduled to be filed before 4:00 PM today.
  • Also, the previous Attorney Letter pertaining to Current Information recently expired, causing the Company to receive a temporary Yield sign indicating a Pink Limited Information filing status.

VDRM going forward:

As soon as the initial purchase is completed, hundreds of hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices will have VDRM’s Vitastem integrated into their networks. Also, it is expected that ViaDerma (VDRM)’s attorney will complete and file a new letter, which should return the company to Current Status in a few days.

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