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ICOs are one of the best channels to ensure that the return on your investment is maximized; however, high return also means high risk which is why it is imperative to play it right. Here are some of the active projects in the market:

Legion Network is building a super application for the blockchain industry. The application is designed to solve all the problems facing the industry and provide solutions under one umbrella, maximizing efficiency in the market. The token sale is currently active with the ending date to yet be announced. The project has managed to raise $2,600,000 so far.

Pax World is a metaverse-geared project that is designed to fulfill the shortcomings of the current metaverse realm. The project is expected to elevate the metaverse experiences of the masses. Pax World has managed to raise 93% of its total fundraising goal of $6,780,000. The ending date of the ICO has not been announced yet. is a decentralized currency that comes with an application that will offer wealth management services through the power of decentralization. The application is designed to automate a lot of services related to investment. The project has managed to secure $10,070,000 so far in funding while a total of $31,250,000.

AirNFTs is building a futuristic NFT marketplace on top of Binance Smart Chain. Users will not only be able to buy and sell but also create NFTs. Moreover, transaction costs are below $1, making it cheaper while also being faster. The token sale is currently active with the ending date yet to be announced. The project has set up the fundraising goal at $10,000,000.

Anoma is another new project soon to enter the market which has good potential. It is essentially a proof-of-stake blockchain that will enable private and asset agnostic bartering between multiple parties. It aims to redefine money through its proposition. The token sale might be ending soon so it’s better to hurry up and invest!

Upcoming ICOs

Since ICOs are risky investments, it’s better for beginners to look into upcoming projects which will give them the gift of time for better research. Here are some of the projects to watch out for:

Algoblocks aims to become the front-end of the larger decentralized finance sector. Since a lot of new users shy away from DeFi because of its complex nature, Algoblocks is planning to create a friendly user interface that will enable the mass adoption of DeFi technology. The token sale is expected to begin on 7th April with a fundraising goal of $1,760,000.

Koi Metaverse is a next-generation metaverse-based project that will provide trading, issuing, and liquifying services of GameFi NFTs based on major blockchains. It aims to revolutionize the economics behind the metaverse realm. The project is expected to begin in the 12th of April.

Futurent is a fractional real estate NFT platform that provides services of listing and renting luxury metaverse properties. The project aims to bridge the real world with the DeFi segment. The token sale is expected to begin on the 18th of April. Futurent has set its fundraising goal at $5,660,000.

Since the metaverse is the new hot thing in the crypto world, there is an influx of metaverse-based projects. Moon is another project in this segment to look into. It is essentially an economic, social, and political metaverse with a theme of colonizing the moon. The token sale is expected to start somewhere in April.

AdaSwap is a next-generation decentralized exchange built for Cardano. Apart from a gamified DEX, the platform will also offer an NFT marketplace. It aims to become the ultimate DEX on Cardano. The token sale is expected to begin in April with a fundraising goal of $2,800,000.

Ended ICOs

Here is a list of some of the ended projects that have ended:

  • Itheum is a decentralized platform that is working on turning data into an asset class. The ICO of the project ended on 28th March 2022
  • Fayre is an NFT club for various stakeholders of the market, aiming to increase fan engagement and loyalty
  • Choise is a platform that combines the capabilities of centralized and decentralized finance. The project raised $1,330,000 through its ICO
  • Celestial is a multichain multiverse video game. The token sale of the project ended on 24th March and raised $89,230
  • Tribal Credit is a blockchain-based credit platform geared at startups. The project managed to raise $150,000,000 through its ICO

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