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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are an interesting investment channel in the cryptocurrency market that can possibly guarantee very high yields – only if they are played right. Here are some of the active projects in the market to look into:

Galaxy Blitz is a blockchain-based game utilizing NFT technology. It is essentially a strategy game that also enables rewards through playing for users. Users have to create a new empire. The token sale is expected to end during the current day and the project aims to raise $70,000 through its ICO so hurry and invest up!

Tribal Credit is a DeFi platform aimed at small and medium businesses – primarily startups. The platform gives startups access to crypto and traditional payment gateways, short-term financing, cards, money management and more. The token sale of the project is set to end in a day and the platform aims to raise $140,000,000 through its ICO.

Fayre is another interesting project to look into. The platform is essentially an NFT club that aims to increase engagement between fans and their creators. Fayre also ensures higher returns for creators through its proposition. The token sale will end in twenty-four hours and the project aims to raise $10,050,000 through its ICO. combines decentralized finance with centralized finance to revolutionize both CeFi and DeFi. The ecosystem is based on Crypterium CeFi and Charism DeFi – merging the potential of both protocols. The token sale is designated to end in two days while the project has raised 82% of its total fundraising goal of $1,330,000.

Gravis Finance is bringing decentralized finance capabilities to Gmart NFT marketplace. The platform will introduce in-game assets along with a highly anticipated game Everoid. It aims to build a full-fledged gamified DeFi ecosystem. The token sale of the project will end in a week and aims to raise $3,070,000.

Upcoming ICOs

At the same time, high yield is also equal to high risk – which makes ICO investment very risky. Hence, it is important to thoroughly research any project before you commit to it. We also have a list of some of the upcoming projects for you to look into:

Itheum is helping users turn data into assets with the help of the blockchain technology. It is essentially a decentralized data brokerage platform – empowering people through their data. The ICO of the project is expected to begin on 26th March and the project has set its fundraising goal at $3,500,000.

Immunify.Life is a healthcare ecosystem built on one of the largest blockchains in the market, Cardano. The platform is also backed by AI and immutable NFTs. The token sale is expected to begin somewhere towards the end of March and the project aims to raise $2,160,000 through the ICO.

Xana is an interesting project to look into as it is geared towards bringing multiverse capabilities to the largest defi ecosystem in the market, Ethereum. It is essentially a sidechain built for Ethereum’s metaverse. The ICO is expected to begin somewhere in march while the fundraising goal is set at $500,000.

ChainPort is a next-generation blockchain-based bridge for enabling instant cross-chain swaps. It provides custodial-level security and real interoperability. The project’s ICO is expected to begin somewhere in March with a fundraising goal set at $150,000.

Muon Network provides decentralized nodes as a service to help promote decentralization and the blockchain technology. Moreover, it is also set to become a metaverse economy with the full-suite of functionalities. The project aims to raise $2,940,000 through its ICO.

Ended ICOs

Here is a list of some of the ended projects that have ended:

  • Biswap is a decentralized exchange with a three-type referral system and some of the lowest fees in the market. The ICO raised $150,000
  • Bixos is applying NFT technology to the real estate sector. The token sale of the project ended on 19th March and raised $250,000
  • Berry is an online market based on an application that gives users access to cherished items of celebrities. The token sale raised $150,000
  • Mundo is a blockchain-based fantasy game that allows passive income through gameplay. The project managed to raise $3,540,000 through its ICO
  • C2X is another blockchain-based gaming platform recently launched in the market. The project managed to raise $26,000,000 through its ICO

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