GameStop Corp. (GME) Stock has skyrocketed in the Pre-Market: What’s happening?

GameStop Corp. (GME) shares have been on a skywalk. The videogame platform seller is captivating the attention in the market after recording a treble rise at one point in the premarket. As of 0741 GMT, the price was up more than 210% after rising as much as 240% earlier in the premarket. It recently closed at $91.71, fluctuating in a day’s range from $44.70 to $91.71. Let’s see what is the reason behind this bullish sentiment.

What’s Happening?

There is no single culprit behind this rise as the stock has been cited among investors in the social media after the resignation of GameStop Chief Financial Officer Jim Bell on Tuesday and rallied on Wall Street overnight after the European retail traders pushed the buying behavior.

The Stock has now been a hot topic in the social media and trading platforms as one user called the trend “Marathon, not a Sprint” while another user expressed sorrow that he missed the GME for the first time and will never do this mistake again.

On Wednesday GameStop U.S listed shares made a spectacular move and soared high upto 104% with several halts and continued to upswing in after hours.

About a month ago GameStop received the perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2021 Corporate Equality Index. The company has recently initiated the search for a permanent Chief Financial officer to accelerate its tech transformation.


The rise in the COVID pandemic has increased the overall demand in the game industry due to the availability of more leisure time to individuals but stocks like GameStop are continuously surging day by day even after the spread of vaccines. Considering the bullish sentiment, things have been working well for GME since after the resignation of Jim Bell, but no one knows when shares move high or low that’s why usually investors focus on long-term trends.

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