Flow (FLOW) – The Hub of next Generation dApps

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Flow is a fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain. It will serve as the foundation for a new generation of games, apps, and digital assets. Flow is the only layer-one blockchain built by a team that has repeatedly provided excellent consumer blockchain. It has created products, such as CryptoKitties, Dapper Wallet, and NBA Top Shot.

It is the only blockchain that incorporates usability improvements into the protocol layer, making it the only blockchain built from the ground up for mass use. Flow is already being used by top developers and some of the world’s largest brands to create completely new experiences with top-tier content.

Top entertainment companies, development studios, and venture-backed startups make up Flow’s ecosystem. Global IP brands such as Warner Music, Ubisoft, NBA, and UFC are among the ecosystem’s partners, as are leading game developers such as Animoca Brands, Sumo Digital, and nWay; crypto leaders such as Circle and Binance; and several notable projects among the next generation of high-growth startups, such as Opensea. Flow blockchain, as well as Cryptokitties, Dapper, and NBA Top Shot, were all created by Dapper Labs.

Dapper Labs was founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing new types of digital engagement to users all over the world. Blockchain-enabled applications can connect fans closer to the companies they love. This gives people a meaningful stake in the communities they help to build and provide customers new options to become creators.

How is the Project Unique?

  • Flow’s multi-role architecture is unique, allowing the network to scale to support billions of users. This is without sharding or diminishing consensus decentralization.
  • Smart contracts on the project are written in Cadence, a simple and secure programming language for crypto-assets and applications.
  • Developer friendliness: from upgradeable smart contracts to the Flow Emulator, this network caters to individuals who want to create meaningful community products.
  • Consumer onboarding: Flow was created with mainstream customers in mind, with payment onramps allowing for a secure and low-friction transition from fiat to crypto.

The Native Token – Flow

The FLOW coin is the network’s native currency. It is the foundation for a new, open, and transnational digital economy. FLOW token is the fuel that powers the network if Flow is the digital infrastructure. It is the currency that allows the network and all of its applications to function. It is intended to act as both a payment method. Also as a long-term reserve asset for the economy as a whole. Validators, developers, and consumers use the token to participate in the FLOW network and get incentives. It’s also utilized to pay fees and participate in protocol governance in the future.

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