Five Best Stocks to Buy Now For Short-Term Profits

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Despite the emphasis given to long-term stock investments, against immediate volatilities, short-term trading continues to be a highly popular class of investment. For those that time their positions correctly, such a form of investment could result in an impressive ‘rags to riches’ tale. However, needless to say, retail trading of such a nature may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Where the potential for immediate gain is high, so is the ever-looming risk of a poorly timed trade decision that could sink one’s capital.

With this article, we hope to shed light on which are the best stocks one could consider, when specifically aiming for short-term gains. We present a list of five distinct stocks, each of which are uniquely suited to result in profitability in the near future.

Short-Term Growth Stock #1: Mullen Automotive

We begin our list with the exciting electric vehicle company, Mullen Automotive Inc (NASDAQ: MULN). The stock had seen its rise to prominence in mid-2020, after its rise from a $2 stock to one trading above $16. Ever since then, this micro-capped company had been seeing significant swings, bringing large gains, as well as heavy losses to retail traders.

At present, MULN is trading at $1, which is over 90% below its 54-week high, yet analysts have placed its target at an impressive $23. For a stock with a current volume of nearly 43 million shares, it seems highly difficult to imagine that the stock’s price would remain at its present level.

The company presents an exciting tale of its ambitions to become an electric vehicle market leader through its innovative approach to car design and battery technology. With its executives that hold experience in companies such as General Motors and Tesla, this promising outlook does not come in unsubstantiated.

They’re a number of trigger events in the future, each of which is likely spark renewed interest in the company, and demand for its stock. Its extremely hyped EV project, Five, will be a part of a 19-city test tour later in 2022. Moreover, CEO David Michery has claimed that Mullen is currently in talks with a major Fortune 500 company, for a hefty order of electric cargo vans. Many in the market have been speculating as to which giant this could be. As more news comes out of this, expect the volatile MULN stock to sky-rocket.

Retail traders and social media frenzy are both going to be decisive in the coming months, driving up its price with breakthrough updates and announcements.

Short-Term Growth Stock #2: Day One Biopharmaceuticals

The second stock on our list is the cancer-focused biotech company, Day One Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: DAWN). The company has made the news in June 2022, with an announcement of pivotal phase 2 trial results, for the treatment of pediatric brain cancer. Over 90% of its patient had seen varying degrees of improvement, with brain tumors shrinking for 64% of all patients.

The market had been quick to respond to the news, leading the stock to climb by a triple-digit growth percentage figure, from $6 to $15 on the first day alone. The price hike is likely to continue as research progresses into more mature phases, which would reel in further investors taking long positions on the stock. The stock’s target price has been set at almost $35, which indicates that this upward trend has just gotten started.

Uncertainty is a major factor that typically defines early-phase biopharma stocks such as DAWN, and would be a concern for those thinking about long-term returns. However, since we are proposing a short-term position on the stock, there are few opportunities as enticing as with DAWN.   There are potentially massive gains that could be realized in the upcoming months, as the company’s treatment candidate pushes closer to new testing breakthroughs.

Since the company is not one that is presently generating earnings, its stock price is especially sensitive to announcements about future prospects. This is why we are confident about the short-term growth potential that DAWN holds.

Short-Term Growth Stock #3: Amazon

Up next, we present, perhaps one of the most well-known stocks trading in the market, and that is Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). Normally, one does not see such giant name stocks suggested to retail traders seeking short-term gains. However, the present circumstances, as well as a number of recent decisions by Amazon, do make the stock highly attractive from a short-term standpoint.

The primary reason we think so is due to its recent 1-for-20 stock split, which has brought down its price from nearly $2800 to a mere $140. The move brings Amazon stock well within the reach of retail traders looking to make gains on the stock’s short-term movements. Its price can now allow individual traders to purchase stock in the company, without having to commit nearly $3000 of their capital in order to do so.

Moreover, Amazon, just like most other stocks have been witnessing the effects of a bear market where long-term prospects appear extremely uncertain. However, short-term upward swings can still be quite profitable, especially for those that strategically time their buy and sell decisions. Earnings releases, investments, acquisitions, and strategic shifts; Each of these potential triggers are likely to spur up stock prices in the short term throughout the year.

Large and dynamic companies such as Amazon are very much capable of financing new initiatives to respond to the wider market conditions. These would be sure to deliver a price shoot up, even if it is only short-term.


Short-Term Growth Stock #4: JinkoSolar Holding

The fourth stock on our list is the Chinese photovoltaic producer, JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd, (NYSE: JKS). In terms of solar panel shipment, the company stands as the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer.

You might be wondering why we decided to include a solar stock on our list for short-term gains, and a Chinese one at that too. During bear trends in the wider market, there is typically a preference for more established and stable stocks. However, these very circumstances make JKS a highly promising stock option that could deliver big gains in the short term.

For one, the coming months may very likely see a dynamic transition, amidst the wider economic slowdown and the pressures of inflation. With the cost burden worsened by sanctions on Russia, countries have been increasingly looking towards self-sufficiency within the energy domain. This places the spotlight on the solar industry, which offers exactly that; A dynamic shift that seeks to work around the complications of the prevalent circumstances.

JKS in particular is a strong stock to opt for in light of these realities. Its recent agreement with German company, Memodo in May 2022 signifies a major breakthrough into European markets. Memodo will play the crucial role of distributor for JinkoSolar’s PV panels in Germany, as well as in Switzerland and Austria, until late 2023. The deal signals another breakthrough with the company entering into the battery storage realm, which further boosts its prospects.

Despite all its promise, only time will tell what the future holds for JKS. In the meanwhile, however, retail traders could see big gains, especially in the short term, as the company continues to profit off these recent breakthroughs in the current economic and political climate.

Short-Term Growth Stock #5: Revlon Inc

The last stock on our list, but far from being the least is the beauty and personal care company Revlon Inc (NYSE: REV). The stock stands on the verge of bankruptcy, which it expects to file for in a matter of weeks. Despite this bleak likelihood, however, there comes an opportunity for a unique short-term boost for retail traders willing to act now.

REV is a stock that is heavily shorted given its poor financial prospects, yet has somehow managed to deliver triple-digit percentage gains; The stock has soared up from about $1 to over $2.50, in less than a day. These appear to be the signs of a last-ditch effort of a short squeeze, against all those that have taken short positions on the stocks. The move has resulted in a significant upward trend in a bearish market, which shows increased momentum to keep going. In fact, in the last month alone, REV has shot up by almost 300%, with its current price standing at almost $6 a share.

These characteristics make REV the perfect stock for a classic pump and dump strategy where a significant short-term boost could be realized. Chatter across social media also suggests that meme stock enthusiasts are watching the stock carefully. If REV ends up getting the same attention as Robinhood or GameStop, the price shoot-up could potentially be phenomenal. For this reason, REV is a stock that short-term traders should simply not miss out on.


Every trader dreams of fulfilling a rags-to-riches story with a perfectly timed investment that results in a phenomenal capital shoot-up. Despite long-term sustainability concerns, such a trader is primarily concerned with immediate price jumps, regardless of whether or not the hype is substantiated.

To realize this goal, the best option at one’s disposal is a portfolio that consists of highly promising stocks that have strong indicators pointing to potentially rocketing prices, given both internal and external variables. Each of the stocks aforementioned would ensure investors’ exposure to rocketing share prices that we anticipate on the basis of various fundamental metrics.

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