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The term “assets” implies holding a certain value. But is there a quick way to leverage that value? In the traditional manner of exchange, you used marketing or certain institutions to mobilize the value through either selling, buying, or holding liquidity of a particular pool with another pool. But blockchain plans to remove all such institutional impediments. Paribus aims to substitute this vacuum with its protocol.

Paribus fundamentally believes that if an asset can be verified then that asset can be sold. They want to exploit the vast space of finance made by blockchain technology. The primary focus of Paribus however will be on Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This is because the traditional market does not recognize NFTs as an asset so liquidity is not provided in exchange for setting them as collateral when clearly NFTs have an intrinsic value to them.

Through the platform, renting an asset, setting them as collateral, setting a liquidity position either through lending or borrowing with liquidity positions to produce rewards, and finally making over-the-counter offers in the marketplace.

Paribus is based on the Cardano chain. They want all assets like USDT or blockchain-based rollouts to be supported on their platform. But the problem is that blockchains are self-inclusive and are difficult to ascribe a general centralized exchange (unless they are exchanged through a DEX of course). Paribus aims that major protocols be able to be used on other protocols for a truly inclusive and decentralized system.

At the time when this article is being put down into words, the value of PBX (the native token of Paribus) is $0.003282 with a trading volume of $982,675, an increase of 228.68 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The total supply of the coin is 10 billion Paribus which is the reason why for its low value.

All indicators for PBX are positive and display growth. But Wallet Investor seems skeptical as it prices the value of the token decreasing within the year with a value of $0.000147. This is expected since a higher value of PBX will make it difficult to exchange assets. But if the protocol works out, it surely is to have a higher value than this. Digital Coin Price recognizes this as it places its value at $0.0142 by 2030.

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