Entera Bio Ltd (ENTX) stock plunged in the pre-market trading session; Here’s what’s happening

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Entera Bio Ltd (ENTX) stock showed a positive movement by 8.7% in the recent trading session where the stock’s price was $4.00. It previously closed at $3.68. However, in the pre-market trading session, the stock plunged by 9% at the time of writing.

Recent news related to Entera Bio comes in the form of another Bio-pharmaceutical company-Abeona Therapeutics recently announcing two new independent board members to its board of directors. One of the newly appointed members includes a member of the Board of Directors in Entera Bio (ENTX).

Entera Ltd. (ENTX)’s core focus

Entera Bio Ltd. is a biotech company that specifically focuses on delivering large molecule therapeutics through oral administration. This large molecule therapeutics is used in the base of clinically-unmet medical needs. Administration of injectable therapies is expensive as compared to oral therapies which is why the focus on the latter is more efficient and easily supplied. However, oral administration may come upon hurdles of high-exposure to open air contamination, poor absorption and lack of synthetic absorber for large molecule dosage. ENTX has set its sight to deal with these technicalities to bridge the gap.

BOD member of ENTX has joined the Board committee of Abeona Therapeutics Ltd.

The member of the Board of Directors in Entera (ENTX) who is now serving in the newly appointed chair of BOD in Abeona, is known by the name of Faith L. Charles. Ms. Charles has 30 years of experience in legal profession and has specifically served sciences based companies. She has worked with several such companies. In Entera her title is that of the member Audit Committee and Chair of the Compensation Committee. Furthermore her business conduct is always associated with that of a valuable insight provider of capital markets and expert in corporate governance.

How is the overall outlook for ENTX stock?

On 18th March, ENTX released the financial and operating results for the fourth quarter and Full Year ended 31 December, 2020.

The highlights for its operational activities for the Full-Year 2020 are as such:

  • Entera (ENTX) had the approval of EB613 IND from the FDA, for the Treatment of Osteoporosis. This allows progress for initial U.S clinical trials.
  • Successfully achieved primary endpoint for phase 2 clinical trial of EB613
  • Data regarding and including Bone Mineral Density is expected in Q2:21
  • Amgen Collaboration is showing progress by further evaluation of molecules like GLP-2

The financial results for its FY 2020 showed overall improvement with the only relative underperformances:

  • Revenues for 31, Dec FY 2020 were $365,000 compared to $236,000 for 31, Dec FY 2019
  • Operating expenses were $11.3 million for 31, Dec FY 2020 as compared to $11.5 million for 31, Dec FY 2019
  • R&D expenses were $6.4 million for FY 2020 compared to $7.2 million for FY 2019
  • General administrative expenses were $4.9 million for 31, Dec FY 2020 compared to $4.3 million in 31, Dec FY 2019
  • Cash and cash equivalents were equal to $8.6 million at the end of FY 2020 compared to $15.2 million in 31, Dec FY 2019

Entera (ENTX) consists of a lot of clinical trials in the pipelines that are showing progress. The continued advances in these trials will give the operational outcomes a boost for ENTX stock in the year 2021. These operational outcomes can then be further reflected on its financial activity health.

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