Eastside Distilling Inc. (EAST) stock rises during pre-market trading. Here’s to know why?

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Eastside Distilling Inc. (EAST) stock showed a rise of 0.56% in the last trading closed while the EAST stock continued to rise by 6.08% in the pre-market trading session. Eastside Distilling has not reported any recent news hence we will look at the recent past developments to see any relevance with the current EAST share price. Since 2008, Eastside Distilling has been making exceptionally good craft spirits in Portland, Oregon. The company is known for its award-winning product line, which includes Azuia Tequilas, Burnside Whiskeys, Hue-Hue Coffee Rum, and Portland Potato Vodkas.


  • On March 26, EAST announced that Liz Levy-Navarro has been appointed to the Eastside’s Board of Directors, since March 22, 2021. Ms. Levy-Navarro will chair the Compensation Committee and also work on the Audit, Nominating, and Corporate Governance Committees. Ms. Levy-Navarro has spent her career assisting market leaders in expanding their companies and brands as a CEO, public and private sector board member, consumer goods practice leader, and value creation specialist.
  • On March 1, Eastside announced that with the new “Eastside Brand” and the new Eastside range of spirits products, Eastside is extending its premium spirits line. The Eastside unique products will focus on the Company’s passion to provide our loyal customers with the most creative, highest-quality, hand-crafted, small-batch products. Almost all of the items will be restricted and only available in a few locations. The product will ship in late March and should be on store shelves in April.


From the above mentioned positive developments in Eastside, it is possible that the current rise in EAST stock is because of the experienced working of Ms. Lis Levy-Navarro for Eastside, making sure that the investors feel interested and comfortable in making long-term investments in EAST stock. Also, the launch of a new brand by Eastside is a great step towards progress.

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