Datasea, Inc. (DTSS) Stock Skyrockets Following Announcement of 5G Agreements with Six Chinese Companies

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Datasea, Inc. (DTSS) stock prices soared by 46.4061% some time after market trading commenced on July 14th, 2021, bringing the price per share up to USD$4.2897 early on in the trading day.

Purchase and Distribution Agreements

July 14th, 2021 saw the company announce the signing of six purchase and distribution agreements by its wholly-owned subsidiary company, ShuhaiZhangxun Information Technology. The agreements will provide 5G Message-marketing Cloud Platform (5G MMCP) Version 3.0, while further enhancing product availability across China by adding new district partners. 5G MMCP is designed to unify customer and prospect marketing signals in a single view with functions such as precise SaaS value-added services, data monetization, and message marketing.

Details of Agreements

The companies that DTSS entered into the agreement with are spread out across Nei Mongol, Anhui, Chongqing, and Zhejiang. As per the agreement, DTSS and its partners will collaborate to capitalize on the exclusive authorization in designated districts in regard to the distribution of 5G MMCP Version 3.0, with access to commissions from sales. In return, the partnering companies will compensate DTSS for the provision of 5G messaging products and services. The total value of the deals comes out to roughly USD$136,940, of which DTSS has received USD$75,796.

Building on Success

The company’s research and development team continues its ongoing efforts to advance and consolidate its product offerings, with the constant development proving transformational, with the right execution. Concurrently, the company is continuing the rapid expansion of its distribution network across the country, with its most recent partnerships signaling the success of their strategy.

Expanding Scope of DTSS

The company has also reported seeing a surge in demand, as well as increasing inquiries from customers and business partners in regard to 5G MMCP. With the company pushing for the expansion of the scope of commercialization of 5G messaging to be introduced in the Chinese market, the company is keen to work closely with its customers and business partners in order to expand and consolidate its market footprint with a comprehensive marketing plan.

Future Outlook for DTSS

Armed with several new collaborative partners, DTSS is keen to leverage the resources at its disposal to continue proliferating the telecommunications market. Current and potential investors are confident that management will be able to allocate resources appropriately, so as to ensure significant and sustained increases in shareholder value.

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