Cuentas, Inc. (CUEN) Stock Soars Following Definite Agreement Between Cuentas and WaveMax

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Cuentas, Inc. (CUEN) stock prices were up 18.82% as of the market opening on July 22nd, 2021, bringing the price per share up to USD$4.23 early on in the trading day.

Agreement with Wavemax

July 22nd, 2021 saw the company announce having signed an exclusive, definitive JV agreement to rollout WaveMax’s SharedWiFi6 patented technology in 1000 locations. The rollout will commence from the New York City Metropolitan Area, with 500 locations in NYC, 330 in New Jersey, and 170 in Connecticut, with additional rollouts planned throughout the rest of the United States. The collaborative partners will execute a 50/50 joint venture to install advanced WiFi6 Access Points and Small Cells across the 1000 Bodega Stores.

Implementing WaveMax Tech

The stores will become CUEN’s premium locations that will be situated near public train stations and mass transit hubs, with the company’s products and services being offered on secure networks. The WiFi6 service is designed to enhance customer experiences with the Bodega stores with the automatic connecting of users with SharedWiFi high-speed internet, extending the reach of special in-store offers. Consumers at CUEN Points of Sale locations will also have access to promotions for the Cuentas GPR card and discounted products offered for sale through the company’s mobile app.

CUEN’s Foray into Advertising

The unique agreement will facilitate CUEN’s entry into the advertising ecosystem with its use of major brands to advertise the company’s offerings through mobile handsets. Furthermore, the company’s products and services will be available at a 50% discount for most favored nation pricing on their digital advertising platform.

Advertising Ecosystem

The company’s proprietary WaveMax’s SharedFi patented technology ensures the provision of a shared network of WiFi access points and small cells. Users will have access to the shared network and will have the option of being targeted by location-based advertising. The ads are configured by advertisers making use of WaveMax’s dashboards, which can manually or automatically target suitable demographics in an efficient manner.

Future Outlook for CUEN

Armed with the proliferation of its WaveMax technology and its rollout agreement, CUEN is poised to massively expand the scope of its market footprint. Keen to increase accessibility and market penetration, CUEN is confident in its ability to continue its trajectory of success. Investors are hopeful that management will persist in the effective management of company resources to usher in organic growth over the long term.

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