Crypto Greed and Fear Index

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To have a general feeling of the market’s opinions, an Index has been made known as the Greed and Fear that consolidates various factors like Volume, Momentum Social Media, and others to rate it out of 100. This is done to catch the opinions of individuals and have an overall thought regarding their sentiments.

In the past couple of months, the market has shown exceptionally unpredictable development. Despite the fact that in the higher time periods we have seen that the cost of BTC was combining however in the lower time periods we saw an exceptionally unstable response by the cost. As such the insatiability and dread were changing exceptionally quickly as well. A month back the index was showing a rating of 52/100 which stands for being neutral. In the past week, however, the price dropped so hard that we found the index to drop down 21/100 which showed extreme fear in the market. Each time the cost dips under $40k the record goes down also. Today the Index is at 21/100 too which shows intense fear in the market.

BTC arrived at its greatest worth around the cost of almost 69k prior to diving steeply. It’s been months, the market actually hasn’t recuperated from the harm. Individuals are unfortunate at this moment, yet they trust that everything will recover and their bags are going to be in profit once again.

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