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Walken is an NFT move-to-earn game that connects a healthy lifestyle, gaming, and crypto. The SFO would happen on Bybit on 21st June. They have 25% tokens for sale.

Fragmint is an NFT platform that has DAOs. The platform will hold IDO on 28th June and will happen on BlokPad. They have 21.75% tokens for sale.

Capsule Social is a platform for writers. Here, writers can write, share and monetize their content. They would hold their ICO on 22nd March on Republic.

Upcoming ICOs

IguVerse is a Play to Earn social network game that uses Blockchain technology to socialize pet owners. On the 25th of June, they will have a private sale. The tokens available for purchase are 25% off.

Menzy is launching the Move2Earn body movement count system, which will allow users to earn passive income in the form of MNZ Tokens. The total number of tokens available for purchase is 16 percent. Their IDO will take place on June 26th.

On the Astar Network, ArthSwap is a one-stop Defi protocol. SFO will be held on June 27th by ArthSwap. On, SFO will take place.

Ended ICOs

Revoland is a blockchain-based e-sport game. On June 19th, they held their initial coin offering (ICO). It happened on Gamestarter and

WingStep is a Web3-based fitness and health tracking smartphone app with built-in NFT gaming and social media features, where you can win rewards for walking, jogging, and going to the gym. On June 10th, they held their IDOs.

Oceanland is a blockchain-based Play-to-Earn game that mixes cryptoeconomics and gaming. On the 7th of June, they held their IDO. It took place on GameFi. It was also shown live on RedKite.

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