Celsius Network’s Email Breach May Have Resulted In Losses of As Much As $300,000

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As Celsius Network’s token, CEL, went live on the major crypto exchange OKEx, an email breach occurred and a subsequent pishing attack which targeted Cel token holders. Unfortunately, many users fell prey to the phishing attack and resulted in as much as $300,000 worth of cryptocurrencies being stolen – suggested by users on Reddit.

The cryptocurrency asset lending platform, Celsius Network, was quick to note the email server breach after noting customers have been receiving malicious emails and text messages. The pishing email linked towards a new crypto wallet of Celsius and a giveaway of $500 for those who sign up. Those who opened the link would be asked for the seed phrase to their wallets, giving access to the funds of the users.

Celsius Network commented that the breach was caused after an unauthorized party managed to gain access to the third-party backup email. The Network assured users that Celsius is completely safe and secure and so are users’ funds. The backend of the network is going strong and the breach did not occur due to any issues in the network.

The Network is actively investigating the email breach to get to the bottom of it. Celsius Network has warned users to beware of any clickable sites in the meantime as the network figures out how the breach occurred.

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