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Cryptocurrencies That Went Big Today

Turning towards coins that hit their all-time highs (ATH) is a great way to seek guidance amidst market ambiguity. Despite unclear sentiments, and a lack


NFT News and Updates for the Week

The legendary, Oscar-winning icon of theater, Sir Anthony Hopkins has announced a partnership with the digital media company, Orange Comet. As a result of the


Simple Things to Get into the Market

DAO Labs For detailed information, see the DAO Labs airdrop page. Join their Telegram channel and group to communicate with them. You may follow them


The Recovering Market and its Tales

Bitcoin had a sharp price increase at the beginning of the week; however, it has since grown steadily more stable. It gradually started to drop


New Entries to Keep an Eye On

Active ICOs inShape Another one of the fitness-based protocol. The token sale is to end five days from the writing of the article. At the


NFTs News and Development

NFTs market is still going down. Many projects have become dead with developers abandoning them. Projects that have been launched have their floor prices dropped