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The Week’s Top ICOs and Airdrops

Active ICOs Ookeenga The Ookeenga (OKG) token sale continues in full swing and has received a total of $2.04 million of its $2.84 million target


Cryptocurrency News and Market Sentiment

Following last week’s deadly lows, the cryptocurrency market seems to be establishing a new normal. Bitcoin yesterday brought in gasps of panic, as it fell


NFT News and Updates

LG Electronics has made the news that has gotten NFT followers’ heads turned. The electronics giant has announced the launch of an NFT platform that


Cryptocurrency News This Week

The cryptocurrency market has come in with mixed sentiment throughout the week, bordering on uncertainty about the future. For most of the prior week, the


Top Crypto Winners and Losers of the Week

Top Crypto Weekly Gainers With mixed results of some major cryptocurrencies throughout the last week, the wider market seems to stand divided, in terms of


ICO and Airdrop Updates of the Week

Active ICOs Goons of Balatroon The Goons of Balatroon (GOB) token sale continues in full swing and has received a sum of $2.46 million of

Weekly Crypto-market News and Updates

As traditional markets continue their push through the week, the cryptocurrency market sees a dip, with investors concerned over the anticipation of further interest rate