Bridging crypto & stock market: Tenset launched on Uniswap

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Tenset or 10set is a deflationary token based on the Ethereum block chain. The project is a bridge between cryptocurrency and the stock market. Investors can place their money in a 10set token which is based on multiple projects – both cryptocurrency and stocks. Each token is going to be smartly backed by cryptocurrencies, as well as shares ultimately, to generate passive income. has officially launched on Uniswap – the popular decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform. The total supply of 10set is at 205 million while the current supply is at 81 million. 10set has already burnt 5 million tokens which is a good indicator.

The first pair of tenset launched was 10set/ETH. after being on the Uniswap for just a day has already entered the top ten trading pairs at 6th place. The project is garnering increasing interest. The cryptocurrency also got featured on Cointelegraph, Korea and the excitement around the world for 10set is growing.


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