Boeing 737 MAX is set to fly after approvals from EASA and FAA

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Boeing 737 MAXban in Europe has been lifted by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and the 737 MAX will be able to fly after January 2021.The U.S regulators also lift the ban on the Boeing 737 MAX passenger jet-liner which was promptedfollowing the two fatal crashes in which 346 people lost their lives.

The head of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said that Boeing 737 MAX is safe to fly after the recent changes in its design.The Executive Director Patrick Ky of (EASA) told that they wanted to carry out a totally independent analysis of the safety of this aircraft, so (EASA) performed our checks and flight tests. He confirmed that all studies and tests tell us that 737 MAX can return to service in January

It is a piece of good news for the Boeing who is struggling due to pandemic as well.FAA also approves the Boeing 737 MAX new design and now it depends on how long it will take to train pilots to get familiar with the new upgraded software and other actions mandated by EASA. In U.S commercial flight will resume on December 29.

The two crashes put pressure on FAA for negligence as the FAA was unable to detect the poor design fault which killed 346 people.Ky said that he does not want to go into details but there were many dysfunctions in (FAA) actions and their relations with Boeing. He further said that now FAA is in the process of putting in place corrective measures.”

He hints that EASA will change its inspection methods to analyze critical features in foreign jets. The EASA will ensure that key safety reviews are completed before moving on to the next steps. The EASA will change the validation and certification of the Boeing aircraft and will make sure there should be no delay in certification timings.

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