Here’s why Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (BIOX) stock is getting a lot of hype

Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (AMEX: BIOX) stock soared today by a percentage of 11.33% to the current price of $11.10. The BIOX stock previously closed at $9.97.

BIOX has now acquired Moolex

The soar in the BIOX stock price comes with the news of BIOX entering into definitive agreements to acquire a 6% ownership interest in the Molecular Farming Company called Moolec Science Ltd.

To understand how significant this acquisition between both companies is, we need to look at the background of what each of the two biotech companies does.

BIOX provides innovative crop productivity solutions and carbon-neutral designs

Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. (BIOX) is a biotech crop company that provides productivity technologies to enhance crop production while leaning towards a carbon-neutral design. BIOX does this in a unique, innovative way that creates economic incentives for farmers and agricultural stakeholders to adopt an environmentally friendlier production practice. BIOX’s design and technologies are all patented for their unique innovations, which consist of seeds, microbial agricultural inputs, crop protection solutions, and next-generation crop nutrition.

Moolec excels at substituting animal-based protein with plant-based protein

Moolec Science is a Food-tech company with its own unique set of patented technology designs and solutions in its pipeline. Essentially what Moolec does is that hybridizes plant-based and cell-based technology for the production of animal-free food solutions. This is a similar concept to the invention of the “Impossible Burger” by equal food-tech company called Impossible Foods. Moolec has several breakthrough developments of its own. The team has created the first-ever functional protein, namely- bovine chymosin in plants (safflower) through Molecular Farming.

Here’s why this merger is significant

Moolec science’s business model is based on the scalability of a plant-based production system while combining it with cellular agriculture’s practical functionality. Together this produces an efficient substitute as animal-free solutions at a much lower cost than the existing technologies.

In its pipeline, Moolec has set its sight on developing and replacing other animal proteins by using plant-based crops such as soybeans, peas, oat, and wheat which can then be formulated into sustainable hybrid meat, dairy, and egg replacements.

The worldwide alternative proteins market is rapidly growing and expanding as the competitors and technology usage in this sector advances. More and more people are becoming conscious about animal-based products, and awareness of the alternates is becoming popular in consumer demand. The market valuation of animal-alternative proteins reached USD 14.95 billion in 2019, and this is projected to grow significantly by 2025.

BIOX has made the smart move to seize this hype train during its inception period, which will allow it to grab a decent market share in this fast-growing industry as well as broaden its company’s strategy of transitioning towards carbon neutrality.

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