Best Performing Stocks as Dow Leads Market Rally

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The markets are in the green this afternoon with the Dow adding 200 points to make it the day’s top performer. The NASDAQ and the S&P 500 are in the green too, gaining by 142 points and 23 points respectively. The Dow’s exceptional performance is largely driven by Microsoft, which has rallied on Tiktok buyout news. Markets have also been revamped by expectations of strong earnings from major corporations, and the continuing talks between democrats and republicans over the next stimulus package.

While there is a huge gap between what the two sides want from a stimulus, the markets are optimistic that middle ground will be found and resuscitate the economy beaten up by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this environment of high optimism, stocks are rallying, and some of the best performers this afternoon are as below:

Datasea Inc [NASDAQ:DTSS]

Datasea is one of the best performers this afternoon and is up by over 60%. The stock’s huge gains come after it announced that it had entered into an agreement with Beijing Tengyuenjunjie Parking Management for the installation of its control system in Nanaipingzhung Beixiang, a residential area in Beijing. The engagement has a value of $7800 and will run for three years. Through this deal, Dataset will handle the hardware, software, and installations. Commenting on the deal, CEO Liu Zhixin stated that the city of Beijing has more than 21 million inhabitants and over 6000 communities in residential setups. He added that in the long run, the company was looking to capture a significant portion of this market using its proprietary technologies.  This news plus the overall positive sentiment in the market has seen this stock rally and is likely to close the day with significant gains.


ADT Inc is another top performer this afternoon and is up by 60%. These gains follow news that Google was buying a $450 million stake in the company. Through the deal, Google will have a 6.6% stake in the company. At the moment, ADT is the biggest home security company in the United States and has over 6 million customers. Commenting on the deal, ADT CEO Jim DeVries stated that the partnership with Google as part of the company’s move to stop pursuing a strategy of product agnosticism. He added that the company would integrate Amazon’s product, Alexa, into its systems if the market demands it.

Pitney Bowes Inc [NYSE:PBI]

Pitney Bowes Inc is another top performer this afternoon and is up by over 40%. This comes after the company announced that it had secured a government contract worth $5 million for its shipping and mailing technology. The government agency will benefit through cost-savings and a higher level of efficiency. CEO, Jason Dies stated that the company was happy to be part of the transformation process to make the government more efficient.


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