Autolus Therapeutics (AUTL) Stock Aims For Cancer Breakthrough

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Autolus Therapeutics plc (NASDAQ: AUTL) is down by nearly 60% in the last 12 months. It dabbles in a highly sensitive area, of cancer research, and is set upon leading a breakthrough, via T-cells. AUTL stock could explode if this ambition comes within reach of the company.

A Bird’s Eye View Into Autolus Therapeutics

Autolus Therapeutics (AUTL) is a biopharmaceutical player which is precisely focused on T-cell therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company has a broad aim of establishing a fully integrated chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T treatment company. Given the wider ecosystem and cell programming systems at its disposal, AUTL has made great strides in recent years. Autolus has an ambitious vision of taking the lead in CAR T products, by developing treatments that a specialized and tailored to various cancerous tumors. With a robust and highly promising development pipeline, AUTL stock could shoot up explosively if the market perceives it to get on the path to achieving leadership in its niche domain, which could be a revolutionary breakthrough in cancer research.

The Inherent Promise Associated with AUTL Stock

Despite the fall in AUTL stock price, the company has not only been dreaming big but has successfully been executing its forward-looking strategy. In the last quarter alone, Autolus has had multiple readouts from its various projects, at the Vienna-based, European Hematology Association. This signals the inherent strength and reliability of the AUTL pipeline. Furthermore, patients continue to see enrolment in Autolus’ FELIX program, investigating lymphoblastic leukemia.

It is evident that Autolus has laid before it a number of catalysts that could be triggered in the upcoming years and even months. The results are likely to see a surge in AUTL price, which makes the stock a good one to bet upon, for the risk-tolerant.


AUTL is clearly a stock to keep on one’s radar. It has set forth on an ambitious path and has achieved a number of wins along the way. With additional catalysts in its wake, the AUTL jump could begin sooner than many anticipate.

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