Auris Medical (EARS) Shares Quadruples on Positive Data of AM-301

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The Bermuda-based clinical-stage firm reports strong results from its drug-free nasal spray AM-301. The nasal spray results show potential for AM-301 to alleviatethe risk of Sars-CoV-2 virus.

The last month of 2020 brings good news for the clinical-stage company, Auris Medical Holding Ltd. (EARS). The company reported that it has achieved positive efficacy data from clinical testing of AM-301 in vitro.

The positive results of AM-301 have turned many investors towards the stock market to invest in EARS. Auris shares were trading at $1.11 in the previous trading session and investors saw great potential in $1 dollar stock to go big in long-term with potential nasal spray AM-301.

EARS started the session at $1.46 as it continued to quadruple trading at $5.72. The shares have added +$4.61 surging up to 415.02% as of 11:57 A.M. EST. The trading volume is above 164 million compared to the average volume of 2.1 million.

AM-301 is a drug-free nasal spray that was developed to prevent airborne pathogens and allergens. The company after testing AM-301 in vitro found out that it can be helpful in blocking Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The nasal spray forms a protective gel layer on the nasal mucosa that stops viruses to contact cells, saving from viral infections such as pathogens and allergens.

AM-301 was tested for its potential to block the SARS-CoV-2 virus of nasal epithelial cells. These cells are sensitive to inhaled substances such as pathogens and allergens.

Auris Medical’s affiliate Altamira Medica is developing the nasal spray AM-301.The efficacy data showed up to 99.4% reduction of viral titer in human epithelial cell culture.

The company reported that daily treatment with AM-301 reflected healthy and efficient outcomes in protecting against viral infections. The average virus titers were 90% lower after 48 hours post-infection. Following 72- and 96-hours post-infection, the average virus titers reduced up to 99.2% and 99.4%.

The company performed this testing in a four days period on reformed human nasal epithelia. The treatment was effective against Sars-CoV-2 in saline-treated control societies.

The CEO and founder of Auris Medical, Thomas Meyer highlighted that their newly created spray formulationhas shown direct evidence for AM-301 to protect and limit the risk of nasal mucosal cell infection.

Auris Medical Holding Ltd. (EARS)is looking forward to containing additional testing and apply for regulatory approval in the coming year.

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