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All-time high coins are top movers that are on an extremely strong bullish trend; however, these coins are also highly volatile which means long and short positions are to be implemented with extreme care. Here are some of the coins that have managed to record a new ATH in the recent timeframes:

Ichi (ICHI) is currently on a strong trend as the token just established a new all-time high – at the time of writing. The current price level is standing at the new high of $50.97. The daily price movement shows an upward jump of more than 30%. The token had been on a steady uptrend since mid-March. Ichi is the native token of which is a self-sustaining and community governed platform in the ecosystem of Solana.

Sperax (SPA) established a new all-time high during the daily timeframe at a price level of $0.23. The token’s bullish momentum has slowed down as the daily price movements suggest stability. Sperax is a development platform, building blockchain-based products like stablecoins and dApps. The SPA token powers the ecosystem.

BTSE (BTSE) has been on a volatile uptrend over the past month which led to the token establishing a new all-time high at a price level of $9.22. The price subsequently fell by 8% from the ATH to $8.49; however, the bullish momentum has persisted in the daily timeframe as well. BTSE is a decentralized exchange.

Stepn (GMT) recorded a new all-time high at a price level of $0.88 just two days ago. The current price of $0.76 has fallen by 13% from the ATH but a trend has yet to be cemented. The community is bullish on the token suggesting it will regain its ATH levels soon. Stepn is a web 3.0 lifestyle application that provides passive income alternatives to users.

Rebel Bots (RBLS) has been trending upwards during the running week and it also managed to establish a new all-time high at $2.78 two days ago. The token entered a consolidation period after the ATH and has gained by 11% during the day – suggesting a possible upside break out. Rebel Bots is a play-to-earn blockchain-based game.

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