Inc. (AMZN) stock Bullish on Q4 Earnings Release After Hours

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On February 03, Inc. (AMZN) posted its financial results for the fourth quarter and full-year 2021. Consequently, the stock soared high in the after hours.

While the anticipation gathered a huge volume of 11.28 million shares during regular trading, the stock only saw red. Given the frenzy caused by the poor earnings of Meta Platforms Inc. yesterday, AMZN’s investors were bracing themselves for a less-than-expected outcome. Thus, the stock suffered a loss of 7.81% at $2,776.91 during the regular session, before the earnings release. But luckily the earnings release was better-than-expected. Therefore, the stock went up by 14.26% in the after-hours to reach $3,173.00 per share.

The online retail shopping service provider, Inc. has a market capitalization of $1.53T with 507.15M outstanding shares. Currently, AMZN stands at a year-to-date loss of 16.72% while it lost 16.63% last year.

AMZN’s 2021 Financial Result

In Q4 2021, the company had net sales of $137.4 billion, against $15.6 billion in Q4 of 2020. Thus, showing an increase of 9% year over year.

Moreover, the fiscal 2021 net sales were $469.8 billion, against $386.1 billion in fiscal 2020. This represents an increase of 22% year over year.

Furthermore, AMZN had a net income of $14.3 billion ($27.75/diluted share) in Q4 2021, against $7.2 billion ($14.07/diluted share) in Q4 2020.

The fiscal 2021 net income of the company was $33.4 billion ($64.81/diluted share) against $21.3 billion ($41.83/diluted share) in 2020.

In addition, operating income was $3.5 billion and $24.9 billion in Q4 and fiscal 2021.

Future Outlook

For Q1 2022, the company expects net sales in the range of $112.0 billion to $117.0 billion with 3-8% YOY growth.

Additionally, AMZN expects operating income for Q1 2022 to be in the range of $3.0 billion to $6.0 billion.

AMZN’s AWS Developments

On February 03, the company also announced the selections of its Amazon Cloud Service, Inc. (AWS) as a strategic cloud provider by Best Buy Co., Inc. Best Buy has selected AWS for cloud infrastructure services and its strategic partner for developing cloud engineering talent.

Best Buy will not only speed up its cloud migration and cloud-first strategy implementation through this collaboration but also AWS’ training resources. This includes AWS Training and Certification’s comprehensive cloud training curriculum and resources.

According to Brian Tilzer, Best Buy’s Chief Digital & Technology Officer, this collaboration will bring Best Buy one step closer to its goal of delivering an outstanding customer experience.

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